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The Fourteenth China International Door, Window and Curtain Wall Expo 2016

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From November 9th to 12th, the 14th China International Windows, Doors, and Curtains Expo 2016 was grandly held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Hall). The innovation of products, technology solutions and business models in the curtain wall industry is the industry's top platform for cooperation and information exchange in the window and curtain wall industry, the launch platform for new products and the show floor. Hebei Qianbo Rubber Seals Co., Ltd., as the exhibitor of this exhibition, specializes in the production and supply of high-quality door and window seals. Qianbo will bring the company's latest R & D and best performance sealing strip products to the majority of new and old customers, focusing on energy saving and innovation, improving efficiency and improving product quality for enterprise production.

Hebei Qianbo Rubber Seals Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-quality seals for doors, windows and curtain walls. It specializes in the production and operation of a series of building seals such as EPDM sealant, silicone seal, and PVC. Precision processing equipment, high-quality raw materials, scientific and reasonable processing technology, strict production management and excellent customer service concept have created high-quality rubber seals. Every sincere cooperation is the trust and support of Ganbo. Each dedication represents Ganbo company with better products and services.

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