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Advantages of silicone seals

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The sealing strip is very familiar to the technology of producing an interior door. In simple terms, it is a material used for edging when installing an interior door. On the one hand, it is for aesthetics, and on the other hand, it is used for reinforcement. The performance of the seals made of different materials is different. The seals made of silicone rubber have a transparent and smooth appearance, soft, elastic, non-toxic and tasteless. Good elasticity (35-75 degrees of Shore), high and low temperature resistance (-80 ℃ -280 ℃), and not easy to aging, deformation, slight acid and alkali resistance.

In addition, it has a good performance in ozone resistance, solvent resistance, and electrical insulation. It is the first choice for seals in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, electronics, and machinery industries. The finished tube has excellent high temperature resistance (200-280 ° C) and low temperature resistance, good physiological stability, excellent small back deformation (200 ° C, no more than 50% for 48 hours), breakdown voltage It is (20-25KV / mm), ozone-resistant and UV-resistant. It is widely used in medical diversion, electronics, lighter pipes, ignition gun pipes, wires and cables ... processed into sealing strips, flanges, etc. are good in drying equipment. Performance, especially on the door of the dryer, is better, more than three times the service life of ordinary rubber seals.

Silicone sealing strips are processed by Kaide's advanced technology. The main features are non-toxic, non-bromine, high and low temperature resistance (-60 ℃ ~ 300), suitable for long-term use at high temperature below 260 ℃.

Note: Temperature resistance of special silicone rubber (-60 ~ + 380 ℃)

Mainly includes door and window sealing strips, ordinary lamp sealing strips, oven and other imported equipment sealing strips, styling pot sealing strips, medical and health, food-grade sealing strips, and large-scale rubber sheets for furniture machinery.

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