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Silicone sealing strips have better temperature resistance than ordinary sealing strips. They are made of high temperature resistant silicone raw materials and are mainly used for sealing articles in high temperature operating environments. This high temperature resistant silicone strip is generally 200-300 degrees high temperature and can work for a long time with stable and reliable performance. Common high temperature silicone seals include flame retardant silicone seals, mechanical silicone seals, etc.

Advantages of silicone sealing strips and application fields Silicone sealing strips: 1. High elasticity; 2. Good low temperature performance, can reach -50 ° C; 3. Good weather resistance, long-term physical properties under ultraviolet and other climatic conditions Only minor changes. Can reach 50 years of service life, low compression and permanent deformation, can reach 20% -30%; 4, a variety of colors can be selected, the surface of the product is smooth; 5, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, silicone itself has a strong inertia . Recommended places: Due to the good weather resistance and low temperature resistance of silicone rubber sealing strips, the tear strength is low. Suggested applications: Dynamic sealing occasions where doors and windows face the outdoor side that require frequent opening and closing actions, not suitable for occasions with high tear strength.




  Texture 橡胶
  Thickness 可定制 mm
  Use pressure 标准 MPa
  Scope of application 门窗,机柜
  Nature 耐腐蚀,耐高温,耐磨损
  Effect 固定密封,防风雨密封,防火防烟密封,防尘密封,装饰条,回转密封,隔音密封,水封
  Whether standard parts 非标准件
  Whether to import
  Section shape 其他
  Brand 泓良胶条
  Model 多种