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  The sealing rubber strip plays an important role in waterproofing, sealing and energy saving in plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum bridges and wooden doors and windows with broken bridges, sound insulation, dustproof, antifreeze and warmth. It must have strong tensile strength, good elasticity, and also need good temperature resistance and aging resistance. In order to ensure the tightness of the rubber strip and the profile, the cross-sectional structure size of the rubber strip must match the plastic steel door and window profile. The installation part of the top is generally on the window (door) fan, around the frame fan or on the sealed bridge (wind block) to enhance the seal between the frame and the fan. Top specifications are an important factor affecting sliding doors and windows and watertight performance, as well as an important factor affecting the opening and closing force of doors and windows. The size of the top is too large or the height of the vertical hair is not only difficult to assemble, but also increases the resistance of the door and window movement, especially the initial resistance when opening and the final resistance when closing. The specification is too small, or the height of the vertical tops is not enough, and it is easy to come out of the groove, which greatly reduces the sealing performance of doors and windows. There are two types of wool tops: silicified and non-silicidized. The siliconized tops are more effective in use. The appearance of qualified tops is straight surface, the bottom and vertical hairs are smooth, without bending, and there are no pits on the bottom. Regulations.



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